What Security For An Online Casino Actually Means

If you’ve ever signed up for an online casino or even read an online casino review you’ve probably read about their “complex security system” or something to that effect. While most players assume their money and personal information is safe with a certified, well-established online casino, what does the popular “128 bit SSL encryption” really mean and how does it protect you?

What does SSL mean?

A SSL encryption or secure sockets layer encryption is a cryptographic protocol that allows users that send private information to maintain a secure link between their computer and the server that is hosting the domain they are sending said information to.

For example, when you sign up to an online casino you will at one point offer personal information about yourself or financial information like your credit card, debit card or online wallet info. In a non-secured connection, this information will be routed through a number of servers until it reaches that of the online casino of your choice. As the information is not encrypted, it can be potentially accessed by prying eyes from any of the routers it uses. Server operators, hackers or even some country’s government services could potentially look into your personal information.

In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, some servers require that your browser send any information in an encrypted form, via what is known as a cryptographic protocol, referred to as SSL. This is a basic description of what most good quality online casinos offer in terms of protection for their users’ data.

These secured servers can be easily recognized by looking in your browser’s URL bar where a secured connection will either have a green symbol or green text or will start with “https” instead of just “http”.

What to avoid?

While most established online casinos offer a secured connection, some casinos might not. This doesn’t necessarily mean their services aren’t good or that they are scammers but it does mean you are exposing yourself and that your personal information is at risk.

If you want to be 100% sure you aren’t exposed you should always try to avoid offering your bank account, credit card, debit card or online wallet information. The information could potentially be recorded and the implications of other people having access to your money are evidently quite frightening.

The same can be said about logging in to an online casino account. Whether you have a good amount of money deposited in your casino account or not, you run the risk of other people finding out information like the credit card number used for your account or the other services used to deposit and withdraw funds. You should generally avoid non encrypted connections for online casinos as well.

What are some of the signs of a secure online casino?

While it may not have a lot to do with encryptions, reputable brands will generally offer good security measures. The bigger a brand, the bigger its presence, both online as well as in terms of marketing the higher the chances of its security being top notch. Their business model is also something to look for. A good business model, where every aspect of the casino is explained in detail with no offers, requests or games that look shady will generally be synonymous with good security as well.

The quality of an online casino’s customer service is another way of understanding how well your private information will be protected. While there may not be a direct connection between the two, casinos that offer good customer service will also offer good security measures. The more options users have to get in touch with the casino the better the service. Also, the more information is on offer the higher the chances the casino is professional and takes the quality of its users experience into consideration.

Security extends to the fairness of the online casino as well

While it may not put your personal data at risk, a secure casino is one that enforces a fair playing system, one that gives all players as well as the house an equal chance of winning. This means that all games that sport a RNG (random number generator) should be independently audited and certified and any new release should meet some of the higher industry standards.

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