What Casino Games Have the Best Winning Odds?

What Casino Games Have the Best Winning Odds?Playing Casino games is not only a good way to just entertain yourself or relax. It is also another way you can make money for yourself. Casino games are starting to become really popular around the country and you may at one time or another find yourself playing one of the many casino games available.

Especially when you are out on vacation, it is easy to find yourself battling with the desire to go play some games in the Casino. Well the most important thing to remember is that although you may have a chance of winning and getting some bucks as a result (depending on how good a player you are), if you lose you could end up losing some money as well.

Despite the fact that how good you are in playing a game will to a great extent determine whether or not you win casino games, not all games have the same winning odds. Some games actually have greater winning odds than others and it is your job to identify such games and engage more on them to increase your chances of winning.

First things first, do not forget that the main goal of every Casino is to make money (revenue) out of players. And they do so through their games. Every game at the casino has an obvious advantage to the Casino commonly referred to as the ‘house edge’.

The house edge is basically a percentage which tells you how much the Casino anticipates earning from every betting unit. The simple rule usually is the higher the house edge the lower winning odds players have. So here are top 4 casino games with the best winning odds.


With a house edge of just about 1 percent, Blackjack is among the casino games with the best winning odds for players. The good thing with this game is that you are not necessarily playing against pro players but your opponent is just the dealer. Provided you can get a number that beats the dealer, you get to win.

And usually if you are still a greenhorn in the game, most casino dealers will be willing to give you some basic knowledge and tips of how the game is played before you start playing. Albeit this is usually possible if you visit the casino during ‘friendly’ hours like in the afternoon; when the casino is less busy.


Baccarat, also called Punto Banco, is a popular casino game with good winning odds. There are usually two major bets in this game, the Banker (Banco) or the Player (Punto). Normally the cards will be dealt with by the dealer and the players are given the opportunity to bet on either Banco or Punto. The dealer traditionally is expected to bet on Banco. Players who do not wish to deal pass the ‘shoe’ to the next player. The shoe will remain on a particular player provided Banco keeps winning. It will only move to the next player if Punto wins. The main difference between betting on Banco and Punto is that if you bet on Banco and win, you will be charged a 5% commission by the Casino. Overall though, the house edge on this game is quite low as it is only a little over 1% (1.06 – 1.24).


At face view, craps might look like one of the most difficult games to play and win the casino but on the contrary, it is one of the simplest games to play. The thing is craps is a dice game and your chances of winning depend on how the dice rolls. So in actual sense every player enjoys a 50-50 likelihood of winning.


Poker does not have a house edge and is one of those games where the chances of winning quite frankly depend on the individual player who is playing the game. In Poker, your winning odds are only as good as your prowess in the game. Players who have perfected the skill of playing this game normally stand very high winning odds over their opponents who perhaps are less knowledgeable about the game.

This is a game you will want to first spend some good amount of time training before you go to play in the casino. However if you feel you are good enough, winning won’t be a problem.