Online Gambling Set To Grow For The Next Few Years

The online gambling industry has certainly had its obstacles around the world and growth was not always as significant as expected. With regulations changing, trends running out of steam and players opting for alternative forms of entertainment, online gambling can have a pretty bumpy road and this is perfectly shown in its history. However, it seems that things have usually worked out and it is now a huge phenomenon around the world.

Europe is by far the biggest region for online gambling and UK leads the way as the biggest market. Here is where most of the big online gambling brands can be found and these offer products for online casino games, sports betting, poker, bingo, lotteries and more. All of them combined create a very big industry that is expected to grow even further by 2020. According to predictions, the internet gambling market will increase at an annual rate of almost 11 percent.

With the current online gambling market generating $37 billion every year from almost 85 nations in the world with their legal and regulated local industries, it is safe to say that a lot of people enjoy the thrill of betting combined with the easy access of the internet.

And this only represents the regulated sites, without taking into account the grey markets. For example, only the bets placed on the licensed sites in the few US jurisdictions are used for the total number for the country. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are the only states to have legalized online casino gambling as of now but a lot of American players enjoy gambling at offshore sites.

Europe accounts for the biggest share of revenue from online gambling

According to the numbers released by the European Commission, the sites on the covered territory saw revenue of almost $15 billion in 2015. To make it even more impressive, the rate of growth in Europe is faster than in any other large place in the world at about 15 percent every year. This is in part due to the many great operators available and the legislations in the big countries that allow players to take part in internet gambling, be it in the form of casino games, poker or sports betting.

In Europe, the United Kingdom has the best online gambling industry with more than 18 million accounts registered in the country for online gambling. These cover tens of websites which have been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and meet certain requirements. Online slots are very popular among British players and the traffic at this particular category of casino games increased by more than 300 percent from 2009 to 2015. Table games also saw an increase of 52 percent.

The Gambling Commission released a long and detailed report about the trends in the market and it showed quite a few interesting factors. One of the highlights is that gambling participation was at 45% in 2015. While this actually represents a drop from the 57% in 2012, it is still very impressive and can be explained with the lower rate of participation for the National Lottery.

The documents also showed that the group of people that used the most features was between the ages of 25 and 34. These tech-savvy customers have a bigger inclination towards new products, mobile gaming and in-play sports betting. Overall, customers bellow the age of 45 would prefer using a smartphone or tablet for online gambling, while those over the mentioned age would rather use desktop computers or laptops.

New and better online casino games

The constant efforts of the big online casino game developers play a big role in the growth of the industry. New titles come with better visuals and tend to cover current trends so they are popular among users from the moment they are launched. Video slots and 3D slots are the most common when talking about new casino games and some can be based on blockbuster movies, shows and even holidays to help celebrate big events.

New players can find the joy of playing from the fresh releases and then explore the other products. There is certainly no shortage of online gambling options currently available and some websites can even combine the different sections under one account for improved accessibility.

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