Online Casinos: What Is The Average Pay Out Percentage?

One common question among online casino players is “What is the average payout percentage?” This question is important to understand how well an online casino pays out to their players. In other words, the payout percentage determines how much the online casino pays back to their players as it relates to the amount of money played.

Finding the Pay Out Percentage

There are a variety of ways to find the average payout percentage for a specific online casino. The percentage may vary some based on which online slot games are being played within the online casino itself. For example, one online slot game may pay out an average of 96% over time as compared to another online slot game at the same casino which pays out an average of 92% over time.

So, where can you find the payout percentage information?

Take a Look at Our Online Casino Reviews – One of the best places to learn about the payout percentage of a specific online casino is first to take a look at the online casino reviews offered here on site. We have taken the time to provide detailed information about specific online casinos to make the search easier for you.

View the Information on the Online Casino Site – Online casinos should also provide this information on their website. The location of the information may vary from one online casino to another. Usually, this information can be found included in the “about us” information.

Online casinos are obligated by the entity issuing their license to provide full information to their online players. This information must be made available by the licensed online casino, providing the info to their players. Each online slot game should provide the related payout percentages (RTP, Return to Player information).

Some online casinos will provide the needed information on the payout tables of the specific online casino game. So, this option also provides another place to search for the information.

Look at Online Slot Game Help Files – The final place the payout percentage may be found for specific online slot games is in the help files. This information may be found on site, or with the download files for downloaded games.

Understanding Randomness of Slot Games

Online slot games are completely random in gameplay. They are designed this way, so each game will be different. In other words, gameplay on a specific slot one day may provide more payout as compared to another day. Each slot game is also created differently in randomness. One online slot game may seem to payout better than another slot game on a regular basis.

Random Number Generation

When playing an online slot game, the player will hit the spin button. The software then requests a random number generation attached to the particular game the player is playing. The random number chosen will either provide a spin that wins or a spin that is a loss. Remember, each game will have its own longer term payout percentage expectation based on the unique design of the game.

Understanding what the average payout percentage is for the casino and online games you seek to play will provide you with valuable information. You can enjoy playing knowing the long term expectation of monetary return!

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