How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

Progressive jackpots can be very rewarding for the players who win one. Understanding how they work is important, especially for players who play them religiously. Reading this guide will help provide some insights into the process of winning, how jackpot seed value resets work, and the payout process.

Increasing Number of Progressive Jackpots

With the ongoing popularity of progressive jackpots, software designers are creating more options for online casinos to offer their players. The number of games and the types of games provide more individuals with a chance to win big on a daily basis.

Most online casino games which offer a progressive jackpot are called slot games. Slot games provide a huge variety of themes for online players. Although, there are more progressive jackpots becoming available with card game play as well as table game play. The jackpots are “attached” to the online game.

A Progressive Jackpot Win

When a player wins a progressive jackpot, a message will flash within the online casino game being played. Instantly, the winnings will be credited to the individual’s online casino account. This is true with playing on the computer online (using a browser), or on a mobile device.

The online casino will typically verify the winnings before it is placed within the player’s account. With the advent of complex technology, the time of verification is significantly reduced becoming almost instantaneous in nature.

Many players who “win the jackpot” will see the account balance adjustment and also contact customer support (to personally verify their winnings). It is important to note, with the larger number of online casinos available who host progressive jackpot games, someone is winning every day.

Jackpot Value Reset

The “jackpot seed value” of the progressive jackpot on the specific game will be “reset” for others playing the online game. The seed value is the amount of money the jackpot returns to. For example, if the jackpot has a seed value of $50,000 then when a player wins the progression amount the value of the pot will be reset to this base amount. The amount available to win will once again grow over time as more players play the specific progressive jackpot game.

The Big Progressive Payout

Once an individual wins a big progressive payout, it is important to understand the time it takes in receiving the winnings. Some online casinos will move quickly to make the payout while others will move more slowly. Online casinos which offer Microgaming progressive jackpot games are obligated to pay out winnings in one payment option within a small amount of time.

Progressive jackpot winnings from other platforms may be paid in one lump sum, while others will be paid out in increments. There are many diverse factors involved in the determination including limits on withdrawal transactions, so forth. This is where it is important to play at highly reputable online casinos while understanding the terms and conditions of progressive play.

High-Quality Customer Support

Choosing online casinos which offer high-quality customer support is a plus, especially when it comes to gaining access to your big progressive jackpot winnings. Being a loyal player to the online casino will also have its benefits!

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