Four Casino Myths You Need to Ignore

All casino games have one thing in common; they are built around math; cold, hard, irrefutable math. Every gambler, from the casual to the professional, knows this.

While gamblers are aware of the games mathematical foundations, that does not prevent them from being among the most superstitious groups in the world.

Many of the casino myths are so widespread that they are considered factual by many.

However, myths are, and remain, just that; myths. Here are some of the most prevalent casino myths which apply to both online and brick-and-mortar casinos.

Myth #1 – You need to learn a “system”

EvMobile Casino Gamesery game has a least one “fool-proof” system; some, especially roulette, have hundreds. There is no system in existence that can beat the math. However, there are strategies for each game that can help you reduce risk and put you in the best position for a decent return. Many systems are available for a price. Learning the best strategy for a particular game only requires a bit of study. In fact you can find a number of proven, effective strategies on this site.

Learning the rules and the best method of play is a key part of making your casino experience enjoyable and putting yourself, and your bankroll, in the best position for a big win.

Myth #2 – The games are “rigged”

You only hear the “rigged” comment after a player has had a losing session. Casinos, both online and on land, are regulated and the games are certified. “Rigging” the games is frankly unnecessary.

The reason the games, both table games and slots, offered are fair and honest goes back to math.

Every casino game has a house edge. The house edge can be very small, as with blackjack or baccarat, to fairly large, as with the Big 6 Wheel.

The house edge means that on every spin of the wheel, dice throw, card dealt, or lever pulled, the casino makes money, even if only a few cents.

It makes no logical sense to think that a casino would jeopardize their future by “rigging” games.

Myth #3 – Look for a “hot” table.

Baccarat TableTables are neither “hot” nor “cold”. Every card that comes out of the shoe and every dice thrown is a totally independent action.

Game percentages are based on what is called “the theory of large numbers.” That means that wins can come up more often than then math suggests, but that does not invalidate the math behind the game.

However, long winning streaks do happen. If you followed our advice in Myth #1 to learn the strategy behind your favourite game, you should be in a good position to take advantage of a winning streak.

Myth #4 – Always assume that the dealer has a 10 in Blackjack

We are including this one specific game myth in this list because it is so pervasive.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. It also attracts a lot of new players because it is simple to learn.

It is not uncommon to hear even experienced players tell others that the best way to play is to assume the dealer has a 10 as the down card and play accordingly.

Free Blackjack GameThe optimum strategy for playing blackjack is based on sound math principles, but does not assume the dealer has a 10. There are sixteen cards which are valued at 10 in a deck and 36 cards which are not. That means there is significantly greater chance that the dealer’s face down card is NOT a 10.

Instead of making bad assumptions, go back to our advice in Myth #1 and learn basic blackjack strategy.

You have likely heard a number of other casino “facts”; our advice is to ignore them. Instead, learn the games and most of all have fun during your next casino visit.

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